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Welcome to Math Madness
Math Madness is an easy-to-use mathematics program for Grades 3-5 that offers intervention and reinforcement opportunities in key math curriculum areas, including problem solving.  Math Madness is a flexible resource that can be used for summer school, after school, and tutoring programs, or to support a year-long mathematics curriculum.

Classroom Management
With the use of Math Madness, teachers are able to track student growth   over time, monitor progress, differentiate instruction, ensure standards coverage, and efficiently manage their classrooms.
Designed to progress from simple to complex, ensuring that students master the skills necessary to advance to more complex concepts.
Provides daily exposure to all grade level math strands – building upon what your students have already learned as well as providing an opportunity to preview new material.    
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curricular alignment, and assessment options.
Unlike some programs that are isolated to practicing a single concept, lessons are connected to each other to help students link current learning with past learning. 
Math Madness - North Carolina EOG (JAK Publishing)
Math Madness - Virginia SOL (JAK Publishing)
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